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Meet holorider Gerrit15 Nov 2019
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Gerrit Lochmann, lead researcher and developer of holoride‘s SDK
Our team is growing! Today, we are thrilled to introduce Gerrit Lochmann, who joined holoride in September.
What is your role at holoride?
I’m the lead researcher and developer of holoride’s Elastic Software Development Kit (SDK). My role is to make it simple for creatives and developers to create infinite procedurally generated location-based worlds, that work on every place on earth, but maintain the individual look-and-feel the designers intend.
What is your professional background?
As a former research associate, I gained in-depth experience in the diverse fields of computer graphics, image processing, and VR-based training applications. During my time as a Master, Ph.D. student and tutor at the University of Koblenz and Landau, I published numerous scientific papers and journal articles in collaboration with different professorial chairs as well as the Max-Planck-Institute for Informatics. In the course of my subsequent job at RE'FLEKT, I transferred my theoretical and prototype-based knowledge into production-capable solutions. My achievements include participating in the widely received VR projects "EU Saves Lives - Roadshow" and the Grimme Online Award-winning WDR VR-experience "Der Kölner Dom in 360° und VR", in which I contributed as the lead application engineer.
What do you like about working at holoride?
From a professional point of view, what’s great about working at holoride is to tackle problems within the unclaimed territory of location-based virtual reality. I have the opportunity to work in a team of other highly skilled professionals in order to conceive smart algorithms and processes from the lowest bit-level to the highest user-level. Everyone can contribute all their knowledge and all their passion. From a personal perspective, I love working in collaboration with artists. With our high goal of making the Elastic SDK their brush and canvas of the future, we have the stunning chance to define how they will be able to shape the culture of the next generations.
If you weren’t working for holoride, what would you be doing?
I would probably work towards becoming a free artist myself. I always had a passion for drawing, 3D modeling, producing music, telling stories and making games. But in order to get footloose, you need to be financially independent, too. So maybe I postpone that to my retirement. Since creating demo games is part of my job, the pressure of having a lack of creativity isn’t too high anyway.
What’s your actual superpower?
I can live without consuming animal products.
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