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The world’s only motion-synced in-car VR experience

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Boring car ride? Never heard.

holoride takes the chore out of commuting. We bring the car’s movements to your VR experience – you dive into a new world of entertainment.

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Now available for any car

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You’ll love being a passenger

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What you need for holoride

holoride retrofit windshield

A holoride retrofit

The retrofit solution enables any car for in-vehicle VR entertainment. Easily mounted to the windshield, it allows for immersive experiences regardless of make, model, or year of the car.

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holoride-ready hardware

holoride runs on the lightweight HTC VIVE Flow. To use it, you will need a gamepad and internet in the car – either directly via the vehicle or via your smart device.

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Holoride Subscription

A holoride subscription

Get access to our growing Experience library. We offer a fair model for using holoride, both on a monthly and a yearly basis.