RIDE Token stack

Benefit from RIDE

holoride economy

The holoride content and data economy is designed to create a sustainable environment that incentivizes the creation and consumption of in-car content, while also allowing the resulting metadata to be monetized.


  • Passengers will benefit from a radically new and immersive in-car experience. With the implementation of blockchain and NFTs, users of the holoride platform can customize their experience and trade items they have earned or bought on their rides.

  • Content creators & media companies are empowered by holoride’s Elastic SDK to quickly develop motion and location-aware content for moving vehicles – eliminating tech and business complexity and providing the necessary commercial scale. Thanks to the blockchain protocol, they can rely on a fair revenue-sharing model, which rewards their work based on passengers’ engagement time and activities.

  • Car manufacturers and mobility companies can enable the car for a broad spectrum of media use cases to delight their customers with a first-of-its-kind in-car experience. Extending the in-car experience to personal devices can monetize existing vehicle data and passengers’ time.

  • Extended Reality (XR) platforms will benefit from holoride enabling their devices (e.g., XR headsets) for in-car use – unlocking new use cases with a highly captive audience outside the home, business, and location-based entertainment segment.

  • Brands will indirectly monetize their products via product placements integrated with holoride experiences. In addition, they will be able to purchase metadata generated by holoride users, to target their audience in a more engaging manner.

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Business Model

The monthly revenue generated by a holoride subscription will be fairly distributed among the value-creating parties.

The largest share will be dedicated to content creators as it is their work that brings the ecosystem to life. Car manufacturers will be compensated for providing real-time vehicle data to fuel holoride’s applications, or TaaS providers for upselling via their booking applications. The remaining amounts will flow to holoride and additional ecosystem partners (e.g., XR device stores).

What differentiates holoride’s revenue share model from other existing media platforms is a usage-time-based compensation model for its contributors. The utilization of blockchain technology with its immutable, transparent data storage heavily emphasizes the idea of this fair and creator-centric approach. Furthermore, the tokenization of holoride’s in-experience business unlocks and accelerates additional revenue streams for all participants in the ecosystem.

holoride collects and stores immutable data that is currently not being collected and aggregated by an independent third party. This data is generated by the holoride ecosystem, so its token will grant access and ensure that the value created is captured by its participants. holoride seeks to enable interested parties access via its token to these anonymized datasets, all of which adhere to the highest European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) standards.

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