boy standing outside of an Audi car with VR headset in the hand


Making transit time count

Infinite scope for companies

  • 400billion

    hours is how long people spend in cars every year

  • 1.2trillion

    euros is the estimated total value of this time spent in cars

  • 40million

    trips are made daily with the four biggest ride-hailing companies

Opening up new business fields

Monetizing travel time

We are creating a first-of-its-kind media platform for immersive XR content that is made for moving vehicles. This means holoride is establishing an ecosystem for highly immersive, motion- and location-synchronized in-vehicle XR experiences, transforming the car into a canvas with infinite
possibilities for content creation.

Explore different use cases

Enter a world of unlimited possibilities



Leveraging the power of motion synchronization in real-time for unparalleled in-car gaming experiences or video streaming



Enabling interactive learning and historical sightseeing to explore the world with highly engaging and educational content
at every turn



Creating mindful and relaxing experiences to unwind while enjoying a scuba dive under the sea or flying over the rain forest

Partner up with us

Building something great

Girl playing a game in the car when its raining outside

Car Manufacturers & Mobility Providers

Expand your digital business model and surprise your customers with a first-of-its-kind in-car experience, enabling the car to host a broad spectrum of media use cases.

  • Curated content: Offer your customers access to an unique experience catalogue - or develop your own brand-exclusive titles

  • Additional revenue: Monetize existing vehicle data, and cross-sell your connected car features, data plans, or transportation services.

  • Easy integration: No installation of additional hardware necessary - holoride simply adapts to the existing architecture and vehicle data.

boy in the car, inbetween reality and fiction, looking at his hands

XR Platforms &

We enable devices and technologies from XR platforms and headset manufacturers for in-car usage—unlocking new use cases with a highly captive audience outside the traditional segment.

  • Automotive expertise: Benefit from holoride’s knowledge to build stable, scalable, and automotive-grade solutions.

  • More opportunities: Provide your developer community with additional opportunities to generate revenue with another audience.

  • Powerful distribution channel: Unlock extra distribution channels in an environment that is less price-sensitive than consumer electronics.

boy getting out of the car, motivated to create content

Content Creators
& Media Companies

Develop motion- and location-aware content for moving vehicles. Expand your franchise to the mobility space, leverage cross-marketing opportunities for games, films, and shows, or come up with new content.

  • New creative opportunities: Break new ground with Elastic Content - a new media format designed with the passenger in mind.

  • Additional revenue: Boost your commercial success by reaching a captive audience via the powerful automotive distribution channel.

  • Easy-to-use toolset: Benefit from our intuitive, visual Elastic SDK, blueprints, and sample projects.

Meet our partners

Our co-pilots



Audi is one of Germany’s premium car manufacturers. It’s an automotive innovator, part of our origin, and a seed investor in our endeavor to change in-car entertainment forever.



Porsche is a German premium sports car manufacturer that traces its origins to a design office of brilliant engineer Ferdinand Porsche. It was also the partner for our very first edutainment experience.


Schell Games

Schell Games is the largest full-service education and entertainment game development company in the United States. And it’s the studio behind two of our very first holoride originals.