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What is the Creator Space?

Not only does holoride position itself as a technological driver of innovation in the automotive and entertainment industries, but its platform brings together today’s most cutting-edge technologies, connecting them to a core infrastructure for the next generation of in-car experiences.

We believe in the power of creative communities. That’s why we’ve developed the holoride Creator Space.

It is a platform for exchange. A resource for developers, artists, and enthusiasts alike. It offers all the tools you need for your holoride development journey and helps you build contextual, immersive experiences for passengers.

holoride app & experiences

Application that runs on the personal device of passengers (e.g., headset) for user authentication, content browsing, and content restrictions (e.g., certain vehicles, geofencing, etc.). It also connects the car with the vehicle localization software and content.

Elastic SDK

A toolset to design, test, and deliver holoride experiences with existing game engines, developed in close collaboration with leading games studios.

Vehicle localization

Real-time synchronization of the car’s motion, location, and route with the experience. It's autonomous driving software modified for media use cases.

holoride platform

Connecting car manufacturers with content creators and passengers, providing the necessary web services, tutorials, and documentation.

Visualisation of a Dither Shader, a purple 3D rhombus

Changing in-car experiences forever

We announced the release of our Elastic SDK and the launch of our Creator Space at Game Developers Conference. Find out more in this article and our Unity sponsored session at GDC '21.

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Development Kit

We're embracing creative communities. To empower and support you on your holoride journey, we've developed an all-in-one development kit that provides the essential sensor data allowing for real-world tests in your car.

It’s made by developers for developers, adding a range of useful features for your in-vehicle tests.

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The Creator Space provides access to the holoride Elastic SDK and offers a variety of functionalities, documentation. You can also apply to get your hands on one of our exclusive Development Kits. Register today and start creating your own world and breathtaking experiences.