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Changing the way we RIDE

The automotive industry is undoubtedly experiencing a technological renaissance. In fact, this is probably the most disruptive transformation phase ever since the first cars were introduced and changed transportation forever. Electric vehicles and the need for sustainable mobility are some of these transformation drivers. However, so are new technologies, changes in consumer behavior, and the interconnectedness of people, devices, and surroundings.

While technology has had a major impact on improving the driving experience for drivers, the passenger experience still remains a field with massively untapped potential. Today’s in-car entertainment offerings don’t match passenger expectations and the zeitgeist of the 21st century when looking at how time spent on the go can be used. Being a passenger remains in many cases - then and now - a mundane experience.

Leveraging the power of blockchain technology for unparalleled user experiences

Revolutionizing in-car entertainment

At holoride, we have created something radically new that entertains backseat passengers in a way that is totally seamless: a new media category made for moving vehicles. We call it Elastic Content and our revolutionary approach will change the passenger experience for good by turning vehicles into moving theme parks.

Now, imagine for a moment what it would mean for our vision and the technology we’ve built to become the gateway for immersive in-car entertainment, extending the addressable market to the global passenger universe and transportation modes.

Introducing: RIDE

The RIDE token will power holoride’s in-experience economy by creating sustainable engagement value for passengers. It will also power holoride’s partner network, enabling its participants to capture the value created.

RIDE is the utility token of the holoride platform that sits at the heart of its NFT-powered content ecosystem, built on the Elrond Network. RIDE is designed to provide incentives for using holoride by providing additional benefits and enhanced user engagement.

The RIDE token will be essential for building a vibrant and sustainable economy for the holoride ecosystem, connecting car manufacturers, content creators, brands, and passengers, and enabling them to capture value along the way.

Nils Wollny, CEO & co-founder holoride

Understanding RIDE

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Understand RIDE

Learn more about the RIDE token, its utility, and initial functionalities.

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Find out all you need to know about how and where you can purchase the RIDE token.

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Benefit from RIDE

Learn more about the benefits as a partner in the holoride ecosystem.

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holoride Litepaper

Download our Litepaper if you're interested in the full story behind what we are doing, the vision, and how we aim to enhance our ecosystem with blockchain technology. And, of course, if you want to find out more about the RIDE token.

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holoride is leading a new innovation front that has the potential to be transformational for the automotive industry and bring Elrond technology into the hyperconnected cars of the future.

Beniamin Mincu, CEO & co-founder Elrond