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Introducing: RIDE

RIDE is the utility token of the holoride platform that sits at the heart of its ecosystem, built on the MultiversX Network. RIDE is designed to supercharge the connection between holoride users, creators, and business partners by providing additional benefits and enhanced user engagement.

RIDE is being built on top of the proprietary core technology provided by holoride GmbH. The RIDE token is issued by holoride AG, Liechtenstein.


Revolutionizing in-car entertainment

RIDE Utility

RIDE token use cases will be constantly expanded over the coming years. The following section will explore some of its initial functionalities.

in-experience items

Create, sell, and buy in-experience items

The holoride marketplace will enable users and content creators to mint unique NFTs based on their experiences in exchange for RIDE tokens.

community benefits

Community benefits

User subscriptions, digital items, upgrades, and brand placements will be purchasable with RIDE tokens at a discount from their Fiat price.


Grant program

A certain percentage of holoride’s revenue, Fiat purchases, smart contract royalties, etc., will be used each month to purchase RIDE tokens from the open market to deposit them in the holoride treasury.

partner royalties

Partner royalties

Content creators and car manufacturers may receive RIDE as part of user engagement with NFTs via transaction fees on the bulletin board* or via direct sales of NFTs.

ecosystem governance

Ecosystem governance

RIDE token holders will be able to participate in the governance of the holoride platform, and, therefore, play an essential role in making important decisions about its feature development and content portfolio.

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Acquire RIDE on xExchange

  1. Create an xPortal wallet

  2. Purchase EGLD

  3. Go to xExchange

  4. Connect to your wallet

  5. Swap EGLD for RIDE

  6. RIDE on

RIDE Token visualized with glowing circles

Buy RIDE on Ethereum

  1. Go to dapp.holoride.com

  2. Click on "Trade"

  3. Connect your wallet on Uniswap

  4. Swap your ETH, USDT or USDC for RIDE


holoride Litepaper

Download our Litepaper if you're interested in the full story behind what we are doing, the vision, and how we aim to enhance our ecosystem with blockchain technology. And, of course, if you want to find out more about the RIDE token.