We're partnering with Laura-Marie Geissler to promote greater self-determination in motorsports

The 25-year-old Munich-based racer announces a collection of 718 NFTs which can be purchased using RIDE, holoride's own utility token.

holoride with Laura Marie Geissler and a Porsche
  • The collection self-finances her career through NFT sales.

  • Her “Race Your Voice: Digital Art” sends a strong message for greater independence. 

  • As an official partner, holoride supports the technology-driven, disruptive strategy of the racer in Web3, driven by its community.

Munich – holoride, a pioneer in in-car entertainment, is partnering with German racer Laura-Marie Geissler to launch an NFT collection for the holoride platform. The 25-year-old from Munich actively promotes self-determination and the independence of racers from external sponsors. This vision is shared by holoride, which aims to bring new technologies and the philosophy of Web 3.0 into the automotive industry. 

To drive her career independently, Laura-Marie Geissler founded the NFT-based LMG Racing Club, which she aims to develop and strengthen alongside holoride and other brand partners. Soon, Geissler will launch the LMG GT No.2 NFT collection, consisting of 718 exclusive NFTs, half of which will be released on the Ethereum and MultiversX blockchains, respectively.

Special advantages for NFT owners

As part of the new collection, Geissler will compete at Hockenheimring on October 7-8 with a new race car design. NFT buyers will receive this design as an exclusive fine art print. Additionally, NFT owners from the new collection will have access to exclusive events, fan merchandise, and the Motorverse – holoride's counterpart to well-known metaverse platforms. LMG GT No.2 NFTs can be purchased in Ethereum, FIAT, and RIDE – holoride's utility token – through which users can also access other content such as games and movies in the future.

Laura-Marie-Geissler with Porsche car and holoride branding

Race Your Voice: Art as a statement

"New technologies offer us the opportunity to showcase artworks in a new light and engage viewers in innovative ways," explains Laura-Marie Geissler. "The fine art prints of my work and displaying my car design in the process of breaking free from chains are not only visually appealing but uniquely numbered. Moreover, the art can be experienced via augmented reality on mobile – fusing art and technology while promoting engagement and individual expression. That's the goal of LMG GT No.2." 

Under the motto "Race Your Voice," chains will appear in the LMG race car design, symbolically representing the societal shackles (like those on female racers) and the constraints within the racing scene due to binding sponsorship contracts. Both partners aim to create unifying, inspiring, and enriching experiences through this collaboration – introducing new technologies in a hands-on manner. 

Beyond the immediate impact, the collection aims to empower people to have greater control over their time, lifestyle, and choices. Nils Wollny from holoride elaborates, “The term ‘Motorverse‘ describes the idea of an ecosystem of interconnected solutions that combine physical and digital reality into exciting mobility experiences. A crucial aspect is actively involving users and partners while increasing the independence, engagement, and transparency of all involved.” 

holoride recently announced its expansion of the Motorverse ecosystem through a partnership with XOXNO, the leading NFT marketplace on the MultiversX blockchain. As part of its partnership with Laura-Marie Geissler, the first partner collection on XOXNO emerges. Users who have already purchased holoride NFTs from the Cloudbreakers collection via XOXNO will enjoy additional benefits from this collaboration. Conversely, LMG collection NFT buyers will experience rides and discounts for the holoride retrofit. With this compact product, the Munich-based company allows every vehicle, regardless of brand and year of manufacture, to use its unique technology.

Porsche car, designed by Laura-Marie Geissler

Together for more independence 

"In close partnership with Laura-Marie, we aim to leverage technology for exceptional personal experiences," explains Nils Wollny. "We share a passion for bridging physical and digital realities and ensuring the utmost freedom for talents from various fields. Our collaboration symbolizes a clear vision: promoting autonomy and self-determination in the technology and automotive sector." 

holoride's pursuit of independence ties back to its origins in 2018, when the company took the bold step out of the Audi Group to make its technology accessible to all car manufacturers and content producers. Motorverse partner Laura-Marie Geissler adds, “Through this collaboration, we'll utilize our combined potential and create synergies to shift the boundaries of what's possible in racing. I'm excited to work alongside holoride towards more self-determination and independence through new technologies.” 

Financing through NFTs

Both partners also benefit from other allies. For instance, Porsche's "Driven by Dreams" campaign follows a similar path – "helping people fulfill their dreams." Laura-Marie Geissler's dream with the LMG Racing Club is for a purer, more self-determined – and more feminine – motorsport. As the official technology partner, holoride supports the 25-year-old's initiative to draw attention to the unequal distribution of opportunities between women and men and actively promote female empowerment in the technology and automotive industry. The LMG Racing Club, founded by Geissler, primarily finances itself through the sale of NFTs. After the young racer, currently competing in the European GT4 series, released her first NFT collection last year, a second one follows. The LMG No.2 NFT collection comprises a total of 718 exclusive NFTs, half of which will be released on the Ethereum and MultiversX blockchains, respectively.


About holoride

Combining the immersive and limitless potential of virtual reality and real-time data from in-motion vehicles, the holoride platform is an entirely new media paradigm. While passengers are immersed in a virtual experience, physical feedback such as acceleration and steering, as well as traffic data, route, and time, come together to create breathtakingly transformative experiences while reducing motion sickness. The experiential power of holoride’s “Motorverse” is further enhanced by the RIDE token, which was conceived to supercharge the social content ecosystem by delivering a more customizable and user-authored experience.

Munich-based holoride was founded in 2018 by Nils Wollny, Marcus Kuehne, and Daniel Profendiner, with Audi also on board as a minority shareholder. In 2021, holoride received the prestigious Best in Show award at SXSW Pitch after winning in the Entertainment, Gaming, & Content category. The company is a 2023 CES Innovation Awards Honoree and received “Best of CES 2019” honors from Tom’s Guide, CNET, and SlashGear. holoride is also recognized as one of the “100 Best Inventions of 2019” by TIME Magazine, and as one of the “100 Most Consumer-Centric Companies of 2022” by Forbes.

Further information can be found at holoride.com

About Laura-Marie Geissler 

Laura-Marie Geissler is not only a renowned German racer, but also symbolizes empowerment in sports through the use of new technologies. As a passionate woman in tech, she merges motorsport with innovation, representing sporting self-determination in the digital age, independent of external sponsors. As the founder of the LMG Racing Club, she boldly ventured into new paths, self-financing as the first athlete through an NFT collection. Her vision and determination inspires fans worldwide, laying the foundation for a new era of sports, where technology and autonomy go hand-in-hand, and where fans can partake in the journey.