holoride expands its NFT ecosystem through XOXNO collaboration

holoride users will be able to earn rewards for staking their Cloudbreakers NFT, use RIDE as a payment option, and trade holoride-affiliated NFT collections on the XOXNO platform

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holoride, pioneer of extended reality in-vehicle entertainment, and XOXNO, the leading NFT marketplace on MultiversX, today announced a new strategic collaboration. The companies are joining forces to launch an NFT staking program, in which XOXNO will host holoride’s collection of Cloudbreakers NFTs, a collection of randomly generated Skyjacks, an in-game playable droid character. The collaboration will also enable payment for NFT purchases in the form of RIDE, the utility token of the holoride platform that sits at the heart of its ecosystem. 

holoride’s expanding library includes a wide variety of fun and exciting experiences—from immersive games like Cloudbreakers: Leaving Haven, to casual experiences like Jungle Chase and QuizRoad, to edutainment, such as the Bookful series. The holoride retrofit—a smart speaker-sized Bluetooth device that is mounted on a car’s windshield—makes holoride’s library of immersive VR experiences compatible with any car – regardless of the model, make, or year. Further information can be found at shop.holoride.com.

“We are thrilled to collaborate with XOXNO to launch this exciting NFT staking program and empower holoride users to earn rewards and expand access to both holoride and cooperation partner NFTs,” said Nils Wollny, CEO and co-founder of holoride. “At holoride, we are constantly pushing the boundaries of entertainment innovation, and this collaboration represents a key step forward as we enhance the ecosystem around our Cloudbreakers experience.”

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The Cloudbreakers staking program will enable holoride users to earn rewards for staking their NFT. In months 2 and 3 of the program, new additional reward pools will be unlocked. holoride and its partners will make use of the XOXNO platform for the initial sales of NFT collections. By hosting these sales on XOXNO, holoride and XOXNO will foster greater collaboration and synergy between their communities, while enhancing the visibility and reach of holoride’s NFT offerings. Initial sales will be conducted in RIDE and USDC, a digital stablecoin pegged to the US dollar. Additionally, the 1.5 percent marketplace fee collected on all Cloudbreakers sales and sales conducted in RIDE will be allocated to holoride for the purposes of burning. These tokens will be burnt at the end of every quarter, permanently reducing the supply of RIDE.

“We are delighted to work with holoride to launch the Cloudbreakers staking program on the XOXNO platform, avail our users of the RIDE payment option, and provide access to holoride and cooperation partner NFTs,” said Mihai Daniel Eremia, CEO at XOXNO. “This collaboration will enable both the holoride and XOXNO communities to benefit tremendously.”

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XOXNO is the largest NFT marketplace and aggregator on MultiversX, previously known as Elrond. MultiversX is the first blockchain protocol to combine all three (state, network, transaction) sharding aspects in an adaptive architecture that maintains the highest level of scalability and security. For this reason, XOXNO chose to build its all-in-one NFT marketplace on MultiversX's advanced, scalable blockchain architecture. Learn more about XOXNO here.

About holoride

Combining the immersive and limitless potential of virtual reality and real-time data from in-motion vehicles, the holoride platform is an entirely new media paradigm. While passengers are immersed in a virtual experience, physical feedback such as acceleration and steering, as well as traffic data, route, and time, come together to create breathtakingly transformative experiences while reducing motion sickness. The experiential power of holoride’s “Motorverse” is further enhanced by the RIDE token, which was conceived to supercharge the social content ecosystem by delivering a more customizable and user-authored experience.

Munich-based holoride was founded in 2018 by Nils Wollny, Marcus Kuehne, and Daniel Profendiner, with Audi also on board as a minority shareholder. In 2021, holoride received the prestigious Best in Show award at SXSW Pitch after winning in the Entertainment, Gaming, & Content category. The company is a 2023 CES Innovation Awards Honoree and received “Best of CES 2019” honors from Tom’s Guide, CNET, and SlashGear. holoride is also recognized as one of the “100 Best Inventions of 2019” by TIME Magazine, and as one of the “100 Most Consumer-Centric Companies of 2022” by Forbes.