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From start to finish: This is your rent journey

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How to

Learn what you have to do

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Your set up at home

In the package, you'll find a one-pager that explains how to set up the VR headset. But we'll also tell you.

Create your accounts: Go to and create your holoride account and sign up for a free trial subscription. For your HTC VIVE Flow headset, create your account here.

Connect your headset to a power source and put it on. Follow the instructions and finish by downloading all the experiences you want to enjoy in the car.

Take your retrofit pack and connect your retrofit to your headset in the car. To use holoride in the car, connect to a mobile HotSpot from a smartphone. Now, you’re ready to go!

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Your rental period

During the rental period, you can use holoride as much as you want. Play, fun, and excitement - open end!

If you have any questions or problems we are here for you. Contact us directly at Together we will take care of all your concerns.

We would be happy about your special support as a renter: Fill out a short online survey or have a brief conversation with us. We are always looking for feedback and are happy to learn from you.

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Finalizing your rent

One week before your rental period ends, you will receive an email with a return label for your holoride retrofit pack.

If you still have your original packaging, you can reuse it. If not, pack the VR goggles, game controller, and holoride retrofit softly and shockproof in one package.

Stick the shipping label on the package and bring the package to a DHL parcel drop-off station.

As soon as we receive the package, you will receive a confirmation of the return by email. After checking the package for (hopefully no) damage, you will receive a final confirmation of your rental.

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Renewal and purchase option

You love holoride as much as we do and don't want to give it up yet? In this case, we have two options for you:

1. you can buy your holoride retrofit pack. We will be happy to make you an attractive offer based on your rental period.

2. you can extend your rental period. Just let us know how long you want to extend and we will send you all relevant information directly by email.

You can send us your wishes directly at

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