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About holoride

What is holoride?

We are turning vehicles into moving theme parks while revolutionizing in-car entertainment for you. Transit time will never be the same again. Buckle up, put on your VR headset and explore games and experiences with the holoride app, motion-synced with the car.

What happens inside the VR headset?

By wearing the headset, you can dive into the most mesmerizing worlds. From playing a fully immersive VR game to streaming your favorite videos to well-being experiences, everything is possible. There are no limits to your imagination!

Won’t I experience motion sickness with the VR headset in a car?

Actually, synchronizing content with the motion of the vehicle in real-time helps to reduce signs of motion sickness. This doesn’t mean that holoride reduces motion sickness or symptoms of nausea altogether. Keep in mind that the feeling of motion sickness is also influenced by other external factors.

If you feel unwell or nauseous during a holoride experience, the virtual reality headset must be removed immediately.

Where do I need to sit to experience holoride?

holoride experiences have been designed for backseat passengers. Which seats are supported may vary depending on the car model you are traveling in.

How safe is holoride?

Your safety is extremely important to us. holoride is a backseat experience. To make your holoride as safe as possible, we ask that you buckle up before each ride and connect the headset's safety strap to your seat belt.

What is VR?

Virtual reality (VR) is a computer-generated and simulated environment enabling a person to interact with an artificial three-dimensional (3-D) visual or other sensory environment. It is commonly used in gaming and boasts an exponential and constant fanbase growth.

Where can I give feedback on the holoride experience?

You’re always welcome to send us feedback to We promise that actual human beings read and value your thoughts and opinions.


What do I need to experience holoride?

To experience holoride, you first need a compatible holoride-ready vehicle or a holoride retrofit. In addition, you’ll need a supported VR head-mounted display (HMD), e.g. an HTC VIVE Flow, a supported Bluetooth controller, e.g. 8BitDo Pro 2, our safety strap, and a holoride subscription. Find all necessary products in our online shop. To use holoride in your car, you will need an internet connection.

What's the difference between the Pioneers' Pack and the holoride retrofit Pack?

The Pioneers’ Pack has been developed for holoride-ready Audi vehicles. To check if your car is already equipped with holoride, make sure to follow the steps mentioned below.

If you want to experience holoride in any other car, regardless of model, make, or year, the holoride retrofit pack will meet your needs. You can easily attach the holoride retrofit to your windshield and make it holoride-ready within seconds.

How can I check if my Audi car is holoride-ready?

Open the myAudi App or log into your myAudi account in your browser. Go to your settings and check the list of ‘services’. If holoride is listed under services, your car is already holoride-ready.

Please note: There are different requirements to use holoride in Audi vehicles. You can check them out here.

I already own an HTC VIVE Flow headset. Is it compatible with holoride?

You will be able to experience holoride on your headset only if your HTC VIVE Flow firmware version is 1.84.623.01 or higher.

How do I set up holoride?

This guide helps you to set up holoride from scratch e.g. when you ordered the Pioneers’ Pack. It’ll guide you through the setup of your HTC VIVE Flow and your Audi vehicle to experience holoride.

I am seeing a screen saying “Good things take time!”. What should I do?

You are super fast! holoride just needs a little bit more time in your country. There is nothing else for you to do at the moment.

Please note: For now, holoride is only available in Germany, Austria and the US. If you are outside of these countries, make sure to exit the holoride mode again to use the HTC VIVE Flow again. However, we will be expanding to other countries in the future. Stay tuned for updates!

Can I buy the product bundle items separately?

In case you already own items that are part of our bundles, you can of course buy the remaining necessary products individually on our online shop.

Can I use other VR headsets with holoride?

At the moment only the HTC VIVE Flow headset is compatible with holoride. If you would like to use other VR headsets, we’d love to hear from you which ones to consider for adoption and why. Write to

Do I need a smartphone in the car to experience holoride?

No, having an eligible gamepad is enough to experience holoride. But you need an internet connection, which could be provided via your smartphone.

I want to mirror my smartphone. Which smartphones work with HTC VIVE Flow?

To experience phone mirroring, you need an Android smartphone that is compatible with HTC VIVE Flow. Please check if your smartphone is compatible here.

Do I need to download any app to experience holoride?

No, your HTC VIVE Flow headset comes with a holoride mode setting and app. If you want to experience phone mirroring, you need the VIVE app on your smartphone.

Please note: Only certain smartphones are compatible with HTC VIVE Flow.

Is it possible to rent your products?

Yes! Find more information on how to rent our holoride retrofit pack here.


What does a subscription include?

With your holoride subscription you get access to all our in-app experiences and our ever-growing content library. Features like the HTC VIVE Flow phone mirroring are also supported and enhanced with holoride technology. The subscription does not include any hardware e.g., VR headset.

How can I buy a holoride subscription?

Set up your holoride account first. After registration, you can then purchase a holoride subscription via “Payment & Subscriptions”

What does the subscription model look like?

You can choose between either a monthly subscription of 12.99 € | $ or an annual subscription of 9.99 € | $ per month.

A subscription can be shared by multiple family members, which means you only need one subscription.

What payment methods are offered to subscribers?

We offer different payment options like Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal, Klarna, Credit Card, giropay, iDEAL, Sofort, SEPA direct, EPS (Electronic Payment Standard) and Bancontact, as well as Rate Payment with PayPal and Klarna.

How can I cancel my subscription?

You will be able to cancel your monthly subscription at any time. Go to your holoride account on In the menu bar click on “Payment & Subscriptions”. Under "View your details" you can find the button "Cancel plan" to end your subscription and billings.


I’m new to crypto. Is there a blockchain 101?

We know the feeling of being overwhelmed by buzzwords like blockchain, tokens, NFTs, and such. If you're interested to learn more about these topics and want to educate yourself about cryptocurrency, take a look at this insightful glossary from Istari Vision.

Do I need RIDE to play with holoride?

No, you do not need RIDE to experience holoride.

How to acquire RIDE on xExchange?

  1. Create an xPortal wallet.

  2. Purchase EGLD.

  3. Go to xExchange.

  4. Connect to your wallet.

  5. Swap EGLD for RIDE

Where can I acquire RIDE?

The exchanges listing RIDE are constantly growing. Right now, RIDE is listed on xExchange,, MEXC and BitMart. Make sure to check our Telegram and Discord channels to stay updated on new listings.

Can I stake RIDE?

Yes, you can participate in our ‘Metastaking’ program on the xExchange in collaboration with our tech partner MultiversX until June 2023. Metastaking combines staking, liquidity providing and yield farming on the xExchange. You will be able to stake both RIDE and EGLD-RIDE-LP farm tokens and earn RIDE rewards with them.

How do I stake RIDE?

Go to xExchange. Log in to the DEX using either your xPortal wallet ledger or your key store filing. Click on the ‘Staking’ tab and select RIDE to stake. Pay transaction fees in EGLD.

How many RIDE tokens are there?

A maximum of 1 billion RIDE tokens have been created at our Token Generation Event. We launched RIDE in November 2021 with an initial circulating supply of 130 million RIDE tokens (13%). The tokens are distributed between different groups with different lock periods and vesting schedules. They reflect long-term commitments and sustainable value creation for all partners involved in holoride’s ecosystem. The vesting periods ensure aligned network economics and a close synchronization with holoride’s preliminary product launch schedule.

Over which time span are RIDE tokens going to be released?

RIDE will be released over the course of 43 months until May 2025. To learn more about RIDE’s circulating supply, check out our Litepaper.

Where can I learn more about RIDE?

You can learn more about RIDE in our Litepaper or attend our regular Townhall format called “Gather Day” on Twitter. Follow holoride on Twitter to never miss a Gather Day again.

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