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What do I need to experience holoride?

To experience holoride, you first need a compatible holoride-ready vehicle or a holoride retrofit. In addition, you’ll need a supported VR head-mounted display (HMD), e.g. an HTC VIVE Flow, a supported Bluetooth controller, e.g. 8BitDo Pro 2, our safety strap, and a holoride subscription. Find all necessary products in our online shop. To use holoride in your car, you will need an internet connection.

How can I check if my Audi car is holoride-ready?

Open the myAudi App or log into your myAudi account in your browser. Go to your settings and check the list of ‘services’. If holoride is listed under services, your car is already holoride-ready.

Please note: There are different requirements to use holoride in Audi vehicles. You can check them out here.

How do I set up holoride?

This guide helps you to set up holoride from scratch e.g. when you ordered the Pioneers’ Pack. It’ll guide you through the setup of your HTC VIVE Flow and your Audi vehicle to experience holoride.

Is it possible to rent your products?

Yes! Find more information on how to rent our holoride retrofit pack here.


What does the subscription model look like?

You can choose between either a monthly subscription of 12.99 € | $ or an annual subscription of 9.99 € | $ per month.

A subscription can be shared by multiple family members, which means you only need one subscription.

How can I buy a holoride subscription?

Set up your holoride account first. After registration, you can then purchase a holoride subscription via “Payment & Subscriptions”

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