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We aim high

We change the world of in-car entertainment forever.

Our goal is to help every single holorider achieve their full potential. Few things are more fulfilling in life than being really good at something. Performing at your best. Mastering a challenge with flying colors. Call it success, professionalism, or mastery, the basis is always the same: knowing your own potential and developing it to the full.

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What we offer



We offer you a choice between a fully remote, a fully on-site, or a 50/50 solution of different working styles that help you excel in your job.



We believe in personal and professional growth. With a dedicated yearly growth budget and time off, we support every holorider in their development.



We see YOU in all your colors as a highly valuable part of our team and embrace an inclusive and collaborative environment to help you thrive by being yourself.



We encourage diversity as a driver for our success. As a team, we discover the world together when traveling for exciting business opportunities.

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What working at holoride really feels like

Meet the holoride team

Jakob, Staff Software Engineer
"holoride is a special place for me. To see a product grow from the first prototypes to a product that people will use is such a rewarding feeling!"Jakob, Staff Software Engineer
Simona, holoride, Lead Engineer Localization Research
"At holoride, I fulfill the ambition of seeing the direct impact of my research and expertise on an innovative product."Simona, Principal Engineer Localization & Tracking
Kağan, holoride, Junior Software Engineer
"holoride is all about passion for creating something that has never existed before. Working with a team of professionals who all share the same goal."Kağan, Game Engineer
Isabel profile
"holoride is really great with making their employees feel appreciated, recognized, and valuable."Isabel, Personal Assistant to CEO
Ryan, holoride, Talent Acquisition Manager
"We are a culturally diverse team sharing so many different experiences but uniting in our common vision."Ryan, Head of People
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  • 40+holoriders

    who drive the future of in-car entertainment

  • 15+nationalities

    that enrich our global thinking and bring amazing diversity to our team

  • 4+holodogs

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Interested in a dual study program?

We are partnered with Macromedia University in their dual study programs. In accredited Bachelor's programs, we at holoride create a particularly practical study experience.