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Watch movies and shows or stream content on a massive virtual screen.

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Casual Experiences

Play classic games in a unique environment.

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Immersive Games

Enjoy fully immersive, motion-synced VR experiences in your car.

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With the holoride retrofit, you can finally experience holoride in any car – regardless of the model, make, or year!

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We created an eclipse moment with holoride. Our experience will give you the thrill ride of your life. Period.

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Previous location-based holoride experiences

Our journey so far

Disney x Audi

Disney x Audi

A deep-space experience, based on Marvel’s Rocket Racoon. Learn about our first public holoride demo, showcased at the SpeedVegas racetrack.

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Discovery Channel x Porsche

Discovery Channel x Porsche

Our debut in edutainment. At IAA Mobility in Frankfurt, we explored holoride’s advantages when it comes to 2D content like documentaries.

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Universal x Ford

Universal x Ford

Ever delivered a message to Frankenstein himself? We teamed up with Universal Pictures to make exactly this possible, right in the heart of Hollywood.

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