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Star Racer

Star Racer

Star Racer

Pilot a ship on a mission: collect crystals to save humanity. Dodge obstacles, destroy asteroids, and face mini-games. Enjoy dynamic music and explore four stunning environments. With Time Attack, Hot Seat, and Endless modes, plus rankings, it's non-stop cosmic action!

About the experience

Star Racer propels you into the heart of a high-speed journey through the cosmos. Your mission is nothing short of critical: gather the invaluable crystals essential for the survival of humanity itself. As you navigate the vast expanse of space, prepare to confront an array of perilous obstacles. From formidable asteroids to enigmatic extraterrestrial vessels, challenges abound.

However, "Star Racer" isn't solely a test of your reflexes and combat prowess. Throughout your cosmic voyage, you'll encounter moments when your starship comes to an abrupt halt, ushering you into three distinct and demanding mini-games. These captivating challenges will push your skills to the limit and reward your mastery.

Prepare to be enthralled by the mesmerizing universe of "Star Racer" as you glide through four meticulously crafted and visually stunning environments. With three exhilarating gaming modes – Time Attack, Hot Seat, and Endless – "StarRacer" guarantees endless hours of excitement. Race against the clock in Time Attack, engage in friendly competition with friends and family in Hot Seat mode, or test your mettle in the relentless Endless mode.

For those seeking the thrill of competition, "Star Racer" presents a ranking system. Yet, that's not all – "Star Racer" boasts an electrifying soundtrack that will keep your heart pounding as you navigate the cosmic expanse. Let the music carry you through the stars as you collect crystals, blast asteroids, and tackle mini-games in this unforgettable gaming odyssey.

So, what are you waiting for? Buckle in, power up your starship, and embark on the journey of a lifetime in "Star Racer." The survival of humanity hinges on your abilities, and the entire galaxy awaits your conquest. Prepare for the interstellar race of a lifetime!

Star Racer

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GenreImmersive Games
DeveloperKoma Studios
Publisherholoride GmbH
Release date9/25/23
Supported languagesDE, EN, ES, FR, IT