Warranty statement holoride retrofit

Thank you for purchasing this product. We hope you will have a lot of fun with it.

The term "Product" refers to (i) your holoride retrofit, (ii) the included holoride retrofit holder, (iii) the suction cup holder, and (iv) the charging cable. Furthermore, the software pre-installed on the holoride retrofit, which is required for use with the holoride Platform, is not a “product” within the meaning of these warranty conditions.

With regard to the software pre-installed on the product, the regulations as they result from the General Terms and Conditions and the EULA apply.

The guarantee is provided to you, exclusively as the first user of the product, by holoride GmbH, Schellingstr. 45, 80779 Munich, Germany. It only applies to you and cannot be used by other people. This guarantee applies in addition to the statutory warranty claims (according to applicable law), which are not affected in any way.

Our guarantee for you:

holoride GmbH guarantees for a period of two (2) years, starting with the date of purchase (guarantee period), that this product has no defects in material and workmanship that could affect the functionality of the product when used as intended in accordance with the terms of use below. holoride GmbH will repair or, at holoride GmbH's discretion, replace, free of charge, any component of the product that is defective due to defective materials or workmanship. In the event of an exchange, holoride GmbH uses new or new components at its own discretion. The warranty then continues for the remainder of the original warranty period. The warranty period is extended by a further 3 (three) months if the remaining warranty period at the time the warranty claim is asserted is less than 3 months.


1. If you wish to make a warranty claim in connection with this warranty, please contact support@holoride.com.

2. This warranty is limited to sale in countries as specified in our Terms and Conditions (Clause 6.3) provided the original sales receipt or other proof of purchase showing the date of purchase and dealer name which has not been altered or is illegible from the date of original purchase is available together with the defective product within the warranty period.

3. holoride GmbH reserves the right to refuse a claim under this warranty if there is evidence that an attempt has been made (successful or unsuccessful) to open the product.

4. Within the framework of this guarantee, holoride GmbH decides within 21 days of receipt, to repair or replace the product or any component of the product. All replaced products and/or product components are the property of holoride GmbH.

5. Repair or replacement will install the latest system software or software update for the product.

6. To avoid damaging or losing other replaceable peripherals or accessories in their original condition, unrelated components, you should remove them before sending the product in for warranty service.

7. Warranty claims do not exist if defects in the product are due to the following causes:

a. Commercial use, accident, negligence, misuse or abuse (including but not limited to misuse of the product and/or failure to follow use and maintenance instructions or failure to comply with applicable engineering or safety standards during installation or use);

b. Use in conjunction with unauthorized peripherals or components (including but not limited to automotive or other vehicle mounting accessories);

c. Any type of modification or adaptation of the product that is not carried out in accordance with the instructions for the correct use and maintenance of the product; i.e. Service or repair or attempted service or repair not carried out by a customer service authorized by holoride GmbH;

e. Exposure of the Product to extreme heat or cold, fire, flood or other natural disasters;

f. Use or handling of the product in a manner inconsistent with normal private use, or use that does not conform to the product specifications.

8. To the fullest extent permitted by law, this warranty is your sole and exclusive liability for defects in this product. holoride GmbH shall not be liable for any special, indirect, incidental, or consequential damages or losses.

9. holoride GmbH does not offer any guarantee for products or services from third parties that are offered in connection with the product.

10. For the rest, the General Terms and Conditions provisions apply with regard to warranty and liability.

If this product requires service that is not covered by this warranty, please contact support@holoride.com.