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Pushing the boundaries of what’s possible

Not only does holoride position itself as a technological driver of innovation in the automotive and entertainment industries, but its platform brings together today’s most cutting-edge technologies, connecting them to a core infrastructure for the next generation of in-car experiences.

Over the past few years, holoride has built up a strong portfolio of patents and patent applications in the field of in-vehicle XR. This now serves as the technological springboard for a unique market position. Additionally, our projects with leading car manufacturers like Audi, Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, and Ford, as well as content creators like the Discovery Channel, Disney, and Universal Studios, have enabled us to make initial installments available to the public at the highest levels of quality.

holoride app & experiences

Application that runs on the personal device of passengers (e.g., headset) for user authentication, content browsing, and content restrictions (e.g., certain vehicles, geofencing, etc.). It also connects the car with the vehicle localization software and content.

Elastic SDK

A toolset to design, test, and deliver holoride experiences with existing game engines, developed in close collaboration with leading games studios.

Vehicle localization

Real-time synchronization of the car’s motion, location, and route with the experience. It's autonomous driving software modified for media use cases. 

holoride platform

Connecting car manufacturers with content creators and passengers, providing the necessary web services, tutorials, and documentation.

Infinite possibilities with our Creator Tools

We believe in the power of creative communities. That’s why we’ve developed the holoride Creator Space.

The Creator Space is a platform for exchange. A resource for developers, artists, and enthusiasts alike. It offers all the tools you need for your holoride development journey and helps you build contextual, immersive experiences for passengers.


Explore the tools

Sample files

While the experience layers are an interface to the vehicle’s motion data, tying in the environment and the vehicle itself, sample files offer general inspiration and visual approaches of where the holoride development journey might take you.

Some of the sample files that you can explore on the Creator Space will contain prefabs for the environment and vehicle. For instance, the transition system sample (see above) will demonstrate how to move from one experience to another. Built using a modular approach, these sample files allow for customization (of nested assets that get spawned, animations, color, and much more). Leveraging all the possibilities will ultimately result in the full holoride experience.

Experience Tools


2D Stage

helps integrate any 2D content into a holoride application, with different aspect ratios, curvature, and motion-smoothing options. It’s very helpful for UI development, integrated video content, or incorporating other experiences that are more in the 2D realm.

Dither Shader

Collision Avoidance

is another powerful set of tools that help your assets to shine while at the same time preventing them from becoming obstacles that users will hit during their holoride experience and when in transit. This is particularly important when creating smooth and collision-free experiences.


Modular Agency

is a system that supports prioritization and filtering of objects based on modular features relating to data such as vehicle localization. It also makes it possible to predict certain events within the gameplay experience while reducing the game’s performance needs.


Ride recordings

These recordings are travel data collected from real-world car drives. We distinguish between experience recordings that focus on very particular driving scenarios, like city centers or the highway. And, technical recordings that help test experiences against very challenging road scenarios, like complex bridge structures or winding roads.

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The Creator Space provides access to the holoride Elastic SDK and offers a variety of functionalities, documentation, and tutorials along with the opportunity to engage in our forum for information and knowledge sharing. Find out more about the Creator Space and join the holoride universe now.

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